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All started back on 1977 in a small village called "Diabolitsi" in Peloponnese.

Dileton Maritime S.A was established as Ship Management Company in 1977 and under Law '89 in 1983.


During the period of 1977-93, Dileton Maritime S.A. managed twenty (20) vessels some of which were twin deckers and bulk carriers with satisfactory financial results.


In 1994 till 2018, has managed twelve (12) product tankers from 30,000 dwt to 50,000 dwt, carrying gasoil, palmoil and other clean products.

Last vessel under operation was MT Hydroussa, IMO II-III, 44,500 dwt double hull clean product tanker.


On 2016-17, re- entered the market of bulk carriers by taking under management three (3) Panamax vessels.


The last twenty (20) years, Dileton Maritime S.A. had only one (G.A.) claim of USD 300,000 with MT Stardrop, which sold April 2004.

Vessel's names under management at that time were MT Delos, MT Mando, MT Marianna D, MT Miramare, MT Stardrop, MT Doroussa.

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